How Model Egg came to be

In August 2018, I went to a Kind Body mobile popup event that offered free AMH testing here in New York City. A few weeks later I found out that my AMH was low .78, the chart usually shows a range of 1-6 so .78 was not great. I scheduled an appointment to get a better idea of my options since I have never been counseled on anything to do with fertility from my female doctor. I went in for my appointment and I had an ultrasound of my ovaries, talked about my health history and discussed my options. Anyone who knows me, knows I love and want children of my own, so of course my main goal is preserving that opportunity.

I am 32 years old, single, living in New York City with a career as a Plus Size Model. Not the most ideal location or job to start a family but those are the cards I am playing with at the moment. We discussed egg freezing and how that could allow me more time to find the right partner and take the pressure off of feeling the need to have a baby now. Prior to going to Kind Body, I decided that if I am single at 35 I would go ahead and have a baby on my own. Now, this is not the option I want, because I deeply desire a husband but I will not settle for anyone who is not my soulmate for the sake of having a child. No thanks, I’ll just do it by myself. So in the grand plan, egg freezing was something that I was planning for but figured I had time. I know now, based on my personal journey, time is not on my side and I needed to take action.

So in this blog, you will find my step by step journey, ups and downs, funny stories and how I am navigating this crazy world, freezing my eggs, modeling and living life in New York City.